Kapisa Communities

CASA-1000 transmission line enters Kapisa province after passing Panjshir province.

Kapisa province has 6 districts: Tagab, Nejrab, Hesa-e-Awal Kuhistan, Kuhband, Hesa-e-dowm Kuhistan, Ella Sai. The center of Kapisa province is Mahmoud Raqi.

Besides Mahmud Raqi the capital city of Kapisa provicen, the CASA-1000 project line passes through 5 districts of Kapisa province. Koh Band, Hisa-e-awal Kohistan, Nijrab, Tagab and Hisa-i-Duwumi Kohistan are those districts which are located in CASA-1000-line route.

In Kapisa province, 178 Community Development Councils (CDCs) have been verified through the Community Support Program (CSP) under the umbrella of the Citizens Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. These development councils are working to assess the required and needful projects of the villages in consultation with the people and after that the required projects will be implemented/being implemented through the CASA-1000 Community Support Program (CASA-CSP).