Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ESRA)

An administration incorporating dynamic managerial structure, qualified human resources and modern technology providing sustainable, secured and affordable energy for the people serving in the direction of economic growth and social welfare through all-inclusive management of energy development and formation of energy market that transforms Afghanistan into the hub of energy and electricity exchange in the region.


Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ESRA) is committed to provide secure, sustainable and affordable energy by virtue of macro policymaking and planning, inclusive management of the development of necessary infrastructure and regulating and supervising market which ensures economic and social development in the country and transforms Afghanistan into the energy and electricity exchange point in the region. 


  1. Boosting energy security in the country;

  2. Developing and supervising energy market in the country;

  3. Sustainable development of energy sector on top of increasing renewable energy share;

  4. Expanding private sector partnership;

  5. Transforming the country into the transit and energy trade hub in the region.


  1. Securing balanced development;

  2. Observing ethical, professional and national values;

  3. Effective and fruitful use of public resources;

  4. Rule of law and adhering to discipline and work order;

  5. Good governance coupled with liability, accountability and transparency;

  6. Adhering to principles of sustainable development and conserving the environment;

  7. Respecting materialistic and virtual ownership and enhancing private sector partnership;

  8. Honoring best interests of the country;

  9. Regarding increased participation of women and youth in the development of energy sector. 

Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ESRA) has the membership of CASA-1000 Inter-Governmental Council (IGC) and Joint Working Group (JWG) from Afghanistan.