Kapisa Governor meets CASA-1000 Project Officials

31 May 2021,

In this meeting, which was also attended by Engineer Aziz-ur-Rehman Afzali Alokozai, Mayor of Kapisa’s capital Mahmoud Raqi and Qazi Ahmad Ahmadi, Head of Kapisa Green Trend, officials and staff of the CASA-1000 project, while presenting a report on the activities, functions and progress of the CASA-1000 project in the areas of Kuhband ha district, discussed some social problems with the governor of Kapisa province.

Abdul Latif Murad, Governor of Kapisa Province, after hearing the report on the activities of the CASA-1000 project, added that the provincial leadership is committed to solving some of the social obstacles that exist to install the foundations of the CASA-1000 project through elders, influential people and head of Guzars. The governor asked them to speed up the installation of CASA-1000 towers and activities in those areas.