A meeting held in Panjshir to address social challenges lie ahead CASA-1000

31 May 2021,

A meeting was held in Panjshir under the chairmanship of Engineer Kamaluddin Nezami, Governor of Panjshir, to address the social challenges of implementing the CASA 1000 project, with the presence of Ms. Rahela Atai, Deputy Governor in Social and Economic Affairs.

In this meeting, the challenges in several districts of the province were discussed with the presence of representatives of Kabul Breshna, Rokha and Anaba district governors, the head of the first police station, representatives of the provincial security offices and the officials of the CASA-1000 project.

In this meeting, the governor of Panjshir emphasized the coordination between the project officials and the district governors and said that it is necessary to first share the problems with the relevant officials of the district (district governors) and solve the existing problems.

The governor of Panjshir then instructed the officials to identify and investigate those who provide false information to the people in the process of implementing the CASA-1000 project.