Construction of Protection Wall Underway in Laghman

23, May 2021

The construction of a protection wall project is ongoing in Soor Sangian village of Qarghaee district, Laghman province. This project with 66 % physical progress to date, is underway through the Community Support Program of CASA-1000 (CASA-CSP).

The 270 meters long protection wall project is being implemented through the Community Development Council (CDC) under CASA-CSP to gain support of the people for the successful implementation of CASA-1000 in Laghman. During the implementation of the project 896 labor days will be created for skilled labors and as well as 3998 labor days are expected to be created for unskilled labors. Furthermore, 931 community residents may directly benefit the facilities of the project. Similarly, the project helps protect the residential houses and agriculture lands.  

The CASA-CSP is being implemented through the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) to attract communities’ support for the successful implementation of CASA-1000.